Another visit to the Kia Twinshock Championship

Another visit to the Kia Twinshock Championship

Back in May I got my first taste of the Kia Twinshock Championship by visiting the second round in Consett. This time it was the turn of a place much closer to home, Geddington, just outside Kettering.

The site itself is a disused quarry, which now serves as an excellent offroad venue, notably for 4×4 vehicles and such like. This makes it a perfect venue for a trial, because the natural shape of the landscape is a deep ‘V’ cut out of the rock and earth. This lends itself to having steep inclines on both sides, populated by trees and boulders.

Another excellent feature of this location is that the track is long and thin and sections take place on either side of the quarry, as opposed to moorland tracks where some can be spaced out over several miles. There was only one large gap between the sectors of track, but this meant that in the easily accessible sector 1, there were 8 sections to visit.

The sections didn’t vary a huge amount in terrain, but the way the organisers made use of the natural obstacles was very good. Sections would usually wind through the trees, or require the riders to take on incredibly steep climbs requiring a lot of bravery and a lot of throttle. Other sections, notably section 8 were very short, but very technical sections requiring patience and balance – so all in all a good mix for the riders. Equally the split of routes offered a great challenge, with the expert sections distinctly difficult to complete, especially those with fallen trees at head height!

Around midday I took a walk to the other sector of the track, which was in a much deeper area of the quarry. Here the sides were almost vertical in places, and much more rocky. While I would’ve liked to explore further, I only managed to get up to section 11 before I had to head back – I heard from one photographer that the later sections were quoted as being scary!

All in all an excellent track and again fantastic to see these vintage machines up and running. Notable bikes were a lovely Greeves and an immaculately turned out Norman B2C.

Well done to all the riders competing today in the humidity and clouds of dust! The championship now moves onto Devon in September.

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