About the Author

Hi this is Andy, I’ve been a fan of all things motorsport and British engineering for as long as I can remember, plus combining that with my love of photography and technology.


My background is experience in the motor trade as a corporate photographer for a large Volkswagen retailer, and supporting marketing through artwork for digital and print production. I’ve since moved into a fully digital design role working for a successful design agency in Bedford, advancing up from being a designer, through team leader and into project and account management for large multinational clients. So really my blog and love for this stuff is just a hobby at this time!

Tools of the trade

My software of choice is Adobe’s excellent creative suite, and my photography tools right now are a Canon Eos 7D, coupled with a range of lenses. I also love sticking an action camera to things just to see what happens. I’ve been an active amateur photographer for over 10 years. I’ve covered corporate events, a wedding or two, and plenty of my fair share of motorsport events purely as a spectator. 

Why the blog?

I’m looking to push my photography skills in a big way and interact with the motorsport and motor industry by covering events as a fan, plus getting to know the history and technology behind them. While I don’t have a racing license, I’ve taken part in endurance karting events and as many track days as I can lay my hands on. A dream would be to take part in a classic endurance event.

Want to get in touch? Fire me a message on twitter or get in touch via the comments.