Get your motor running

Get your motor running

The online world is replete with car blogs, motorsport news, Nurburgring crash videos and vloggers stuck in traffic jams in London. So why another one? Without being big headed and saying “I could do it better” , recently I’ve been involved a lot more with following a lot more varied motorsport and automotive news as well trying to understand the more technical aspects such as advancements in aero and electrical systems.

I admit, that doesn’t sound very exciting. But I also want to share photography from motorsport, my own thoughts on championships like the F1 and BTCC as well as the lesser followed areas such as Formula E and the upcoming Electric GT championship.

But it’s all cars!

But it’s all cars I hear you cry! I don’t know enough about motorbikes to explain the differences between a Norton Commando and a BSA Road Rocket, or know how much you can push on with a GSXR, but I do find some motorbikes fascinating and I may even dip my toe in those waters in the future.

I may also throw in some extreme sports such as downhill mountain biking – true it’s not automotive, but they’ve got gears and wheels so don’t judge me.